La traviata: Young Artists Shine in Scaled-Back Production
The Columbus Dispatch
By Lynn Green

"Andrea Shokery handled the physical demands capably. Though Violetta rarely leaves the stage, Shokery sounded as clear and agile at the end of the performance as in her first entrance...During more-intimate conversations, Shokery exuded true, unfettered emotion."


AZ Opera Presents Young Singers in Memorable Don Giovanni
Opera Today
By Maria Nockin
"...Andrea Shokery’s dramatically eloquent and musically exquisite Donna Anna."


Feature in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

By Scott Barker


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Arizona Opera Presents Magritte Style Magic Flute
Opera Today

By Maria Nockin


"The Three Ladies, soprano Andrea Shokery, along with mezzo-sopranos Beth Lytwynec and Maria Dominique Lopez, sang with limpid harmonies while taking advantage of every comedic possibility."

REVIEW: Arizona Opera's 'Don Pasquale'


By Kerry Lengel​​


"Performances are excellent across the board, both comedically and musically. Colclough's lascivious bluster in no way undermines his vocal gymnastics, while Andrea Shokery's tangy soprano as Norina and Chris Carr's molasses baritone as Malatesta are simply delicious."

Arizona Opera Presents Don Pasquale in Tucson

Opera Today

By Maria Nockin


"​​For the young Studio Artists this was their time to shine and that is exactly what they did. Andrea Shokery was a hysterically funny Norina who sang accurately while kicking up her heels."


REVIEW: Arizona Opera 'La Bohème'

Arizona Daily Star

By Cathalena E. Burch​​


"​​Andrea Shokery was equally impressive in the role as the fiercely independent Musetta, her debut with Arizona Opera as a member of the 2013-14 Marion Roose Pullin Studio Artists... Shokery is an exciting vocalist who was able to project a rich soprano over the orchestra and deep into the audience..."



Puccini’s La bohème at Arizona Opera 

Opera Today

By Maria Nockin​​​​​​


"It was a perfect background for Andrea Shokery’s grand entrance as the flirtatious Musetta. She sang her coquettish waltz song with dulcet tones, all the time trying to rekindle the interest of her old lover, Marcello. When her shoe began to pinch her foot, she asked her escort, Alcindoro, to help her remove it. As he pulled off the shoe she pulled up her several skirts, to his embarrassment and the amusement of the audience.​​"



Wolf Trap's 'Inspector' sparkles in gala debut

Washington Times
By Terry Ponick​​​​

"A brief hat tip is in order here for Andrea Shokery and Hilary Ginther as Bobachina and Bobachino, fraternal twins who run the Post Office—and read all the mail for the suspicious Mayor. Singing on top of each other all the time, the breathless twins swoop onstage when you least expect them. At which point they comment upon and sometimes initiate the action while stumbling over their words in a tumble of spoonerisms (swapped consonants) and malapropisms. They’re a bit like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, adding still another layer of comedy to an already funny production."​​​​​​


KY Opera's "Elixir", an Operatic Tonic for Everyone!

By J. Barrett Cooper

"This n​u​mber was wonderfully played by Mr. Robertson and Andrea Shokery, who sang the role of the lusty, but somewhat dim, Giannetta...Ms. Shokery, a Kentucky Opera Studio Artist, set herself apart from the chorus with a well proportioned Giannetta, magnetic stage presence and a strong soprano."​​