The Inspector

by John Musto


Commissioned by The Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

World Premiere April 27th, 29th, and May 1st, 2011 at the Barns at Wolf Trap

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​World Premiere Cast

Mayor Fazzobaldi –  Robert Orth, baritone
Sarelda, the Mayor’s wife –  Sarah Larsen, mezzo-soprano
Beatrice, their daughter –  Anne-Carolyn Bird, soprano
Tancredi, a mysterious stranger –  Vale Rideout, tenor
Cosimo, Tancredi’s manservant –  William Sharp, baritone
Malacorpa, Directress of Health & Cemetery Services –  Dorothy Byrne, mezzo-soprano
Agrippa, Directress of Education Managementation –  Angela Mannino, soprano
Padre Ruffiano, Director of Salvation Resources –  Javier Abreu, tenor
Adolfo, Director of Order – Matt Boehler, bass
Bobachina, one of the Post Office Twins –  Andrea Shokery, soprano
Bobachino, one of the Post Office Twins –  Hilary Ginther, mezzo-soprano